May Newsletter

This is number two in the latest edition. I’m convinced experimenting with Windows based products either makes life easier or drives us crazy.

My aim today, is to give you an insight into how I go about writing. I’m often asked this question at forums I attend or book launches.

The except from Contract Blanc is below. Number 3 in the series

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My Reading List this Month.

Tony Park – Captive

H.Y Hanna – Apple Strudel alibi (Book 8 Oxford Tea Room Mysteries)

Julia Stagg – The French Postmistress (Book 3 in the Fogas Chronicles)

Kate Furnivall – The Italian Wife

My Interview with Professor Claire Lane. She would only answer a couple of questions. I must admit I was a bit nervous. As an author, I went with the easiest question first. Me: Miss Lane, thank you for joining us today. I love your hat, where did you buy it from? Miss Lane: It’s not mine, I borrowed it from Ralph’s collection. He has so many and I found this one, pretty don’t you think, behind the door in his study at Daroonga Castle. Me: Yes, I agree with you. So, what it like working with a famous Detective from Scotland Yard?

Miss Lane: Really, exciting. He’s so meticulous, well, I am too, but he’s good to look at. Don’t you agree? Me: Yes, he is. But don’t you get a little frustrated by his formal approach to crime scenes? Miss Lane: In a matter of speaking, I do. He fiddles around with the most senseless ideas. I feel sorry for the man, he needs to lift his game. The day I wheeled my blackboard into his office, really upset him. Its how I work, you see. Writing down all the points I know and then improvising. Me: I’ll try to get a hold of him and ask him what he thinks. Thank you for your time today.