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Vera Lawson Series

Australian Author - M.K Jaocbs


57 Kensington Road
57 Kensington Road

Vera Lawson Series Book 1

ISBN:  978-1517181505



Vera Lawson accepts an offer of employment with the aristocratic Wellmont family in London as a tutor. But she has an ulterior motive. Could her mother the scatterbrained Caroline Montieff have fled to Paris in search of her lost freedom?

Gunther Polt, a Waffen SS Tank Commander, aristocratic, arrogant and wealthy with vast estates in Germany finds himself in an impossible position.

Vera knows the family are hiding the connection between her mother Caroline and Polt, but needs to prove it. It is not until 1944 and she enlists with the British Nursing Corp does she discover her mother’s innermost secrets.

For instance, what if you raised the lid of a piano stool in a bombed out house, and discovered a photograph of your mother with a German soldier… in NORMANDY?

It is only when disaster strikes killing the entire Welmont household, and skeletal remains are uncovered in the Chateau’s crypt along with two stolen canvases, will Interpol disclose Caroline Lawson’s dark history?



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The Road to Saint Brieuc

Vera Lawson Series Book 2

ISBN: 978-1506002255


Vera Lawson is embroiled once again in the Polt family saga. The two paintings discovered in the crypt in the garden of the Saint-Pois house, have come under scrutiny from The Louvre Museum’s top investigator, Dr. Lucille Thompson-McLeay. Are they real or forgeries?

Dr Thompson-McLeay’s unusual interrogation techniques, are causing problems with her employer - Interpol. Put under the protective services of dashing Naval Commando Master Sergeant Joseph Perrigaux,  Lucille is keeping silent about her past life, but not before Vera Lawson discovers the real relationship regarding the family.

Are the Polt family hiding the truth? Are the previous generation  of Polt family members, guilty of crimes committed in World War One.

Will the ghosts of Vera’s past resurface and reveal the location of the Nazi horde? Or will Joseph Perrigaux and Vera’s friend and confidante Timothy Ranstone intervene...


Road to Saint Brieuc
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