Claire Lane Mystery - Novella Series


the end of the lane
Book 1, Claire Lane Mystery


Claire Perrigaux a clandestine SOE agent during WW2 operating from Saint Brieuc in Northern France,has a past life she doesn't like to talk about. In 1925, the world was a different place. As a child prodigy and then a Professor of Mathematics at London’s prestigious St Anne's University. Her speciality- scientific study of probability. In other words, the likelihood that an event will reoccur. With a exceptional mind, she assists her Parliamentarian father in his quest to become Prime Minister. Until a body is found in the drain at Darren’s fields. Claire knows who it is and she knows how to work scenarios.  Chief Police Inspector Ralph McGinniss is sent to down from London to investigate. McGinniss is smart. Promoted because of his exceptional skills. Can they work together ,and will the corpse turn out to be who she thinks it is, or Will the killer strike again?


a turn in the lane
Book 2, Claire Lane Mystery

The Assistant Registrar Emily Price, from the London Archives commits a crime of passion. Or is it? A man falls from the balcony. Was he pushed? And what is Emily Price hiding? Chief Police Inspector Ralph McGinniss from Scotland Yard investigates. He calls in his newly appointed assistant for help.


Claire Lane is a Professor of Mathematics at London’s prestigious St Anne's University. Her speciality-scientific study of probability. In other words, the likelihood that an event will reoccur.


She takes on the challenge until she discovers there is more to this story. A birth certificate surfaces, convincing Claire she is looking in the wrong direction. Another murder in Cornwall. Will the killer strike again and what will happen to Ralph McGinniss who discovers the truth.


exit lane
Book 3, Claire Lane Mystery

Inspector Ralph McGinniss returns to his ancestral seat at Daroonga Castle in Oxfordshire for his annual holidays, only be called upon to investigate the housekeepers’ death from his cousin’s estate.

Agnes Tonbridge is found dead on the front lawn. Was this an accident, or a chance to cover up other dealings by the inhabitants?


Bedwin Hall is full of surprises. Lady Petunia, the daughter of the house is under suspicion. Ralph’s brother Stephen McGinniss is making a nuisance of himself with the Inspector’s fiancé, Lady Annabelle Frampton.


Claire Lane, noted Professor of Probability, is called in to assist Ralph McGinniss. Will she have the answers and what will she discover on the roof? Could this bring a dynasty to its knees?


The annual Masquerade Ball unmasks more than Ralph imagines. Or will the Butler, Phillip Creek reveal what he knows and betray the trust of a noble household.


Claire Lane Mystery Series Books 1 - 3
Claire Lane Mystery

The End of the Lane


A Turn in the Lane


Exit Lane


the slow lane
Book 4, Claire Lane Mystery

Inspector Ralph McGinniss and Professor Claire Lane are sent to investigate the link between the murder of a Police Constable on a lonely road, and the presence of German Zeppelin Commander Ludwig Mathieu left behind in England after the War.


Inspector Ralph McGinniss is the victim of a pickpocket on a Motorbus in central London, and realises the woman responsible, is connected to Jack the Top, a notorious thief and pimp.


Claire Lane is convinced the two are linked. When Ralph uncovers a plot to assassinate a well-known Judge from the High Court, the duo must act to discover what is the German planning, and how does the death of PC Bloomsdale, find the detectives investigating a fire in the village of Potters Bar.


Will they discover the truth in time or deal with the consequences?

Dead End Lane
Book 5, Claire Lane Mystery

A body is found in a Trunk at Kings Cross Station in London. Nothing unusual, except Inspector Ralph McGinnis, is sent down from Scotland Yard to investigate. Recognized as retired Police Officer Casper Fellen, Ralph suspects he may have stumbled into the depths of gang warfare, and could there be a Royal connection with horse racing at Epsom?
Claire Lane senses the truth. Will she side with Ralph, or take another view, and agree to disappear undercover with renowned Gang boss Alexander Carrington.


Is this the end, or does this spell disaster for not only Claire’s reputation but Ralph’s heraldic position in the House of Lords. Will they win or lose?

Christmas Lane
Book 6, Claire Lane Mystery

Professor Claire Lane interrupted by a sudden telephone call to help in a murder investigation leaves the tranquility of Edinburgh for the country lanes of Oxford.

Inspector Ralph McGinnis is puzzled. Unlike his colleague Miss Lane is adamant this is a copycat murder. Last seen in the seventeenth century by an overzealous Venetian statesman.

A well-known Australian financier is dead. Propped up in the Nativity scene outside the church.

The vicar is acting strangely, could he have been persuaded to preach peace and good will during this festive season, or will Claire work it out and find the real culprit.

It's a race to the finish line before Christmas Day dawns.

M.K. Jacobs
Claire Lane Mystery Series Book 4-6
Claire Lane Mystery

The Slow Lane


Dead End Lane


Christmas Lane


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Teapot Lane
Book 7, Claire Lane Mystery

Claire Lane’s students are always close to her heart. When one disappears into fells and becks of the Lake District in Northwest England, she is not convinced the woman has gone to meditate on Scafell Pike.

A talented and gifted writer, Bo Huan, a Chinese National follows her dream.

 Claire in desperation seeks help from her fiancé Lord Ralph McGinnis, known for his uncomplicated investigations as a Senior Detective at Scotland Yard.

The Lake District is meant for walking and enjoying nature, not murder and international spying.

Ralph and Claire join forces to solve a delicate situation between two countries. Japan and China.

With the forces of nature working against them, can Ralph and Claire succeed in breaking into the world of espionage and restoring order to the world of Henry Wordsworth’s peaceful enclave.