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The Countries of My Social Media World or where I went to with my MRI scan.

Good Morning readers,

Yes, finally. Winter has arrived. According to the outside temperature reader, it's 8C. And raining. I tried to tell Leonardo it’s way too wet to go out. Does that deter him? After several complaints, I picked him up and walked out onto the decking. ‘Rain, you’re kidding Mum. I’ll get wet.’ An update on my shoulder. Had the MRI scan. Now if you have never had one of these, don’t panic. They tell you that. You’ll be fine. Just breath normally. Hell, I sound like the flight Attendant I used to be. It wasn’t like that. After having my left shoulder pushed down with a nasty looking shoulder pad, headphones tuned to the worst radio station in Melbourne, I will refrain from any more comment, I was inserted into that offensive machine. If you are JUST a little claustrophobic, you will be fine. Me, well I still hate to get into a lift smaller than my lounge room, so I had to get into my inner self. How, by using my Calm techniques. Yes, my Daily Calm came into effect. Except. They told me I was moving. Where did they think I was moving too? After another go at this, I was breathing normally and imagining I was on a beach with my toes in the water. You can only paddle for, so long. Trust me. Fifteen minutes later. I knew this by the news ‘at the top of the hour’ I was finished. Honestly, I could feel my pulse in my throat. Never again. Only If I'm unconscious or in a mortuary drawer will I go into a push-in cupboard so that they can see if my shoulder has deep tears. And let’s not get started on the noise that machine makes. But things got worse. On the way home, I’d just turned onto the Calder Hwy, if you know where this is, I’m grateful. The overheat light started to scream and guess what. The car wants to stop.

So, I pull over onto the exit ramp to Carlsruhe, you may need to google that and waited for my knight in shining armour to arrive. It's dark by now. Love hazard lights. Whatever your thinking. No. The RACV – that’s the automobile- your car has broken down in Victoria- came along with Stewart who knows my car well. Mind you, it’s the mob he works for at a Motor firm I shall not name here, who are still waiting for the radiator hose for my Dodge. I understand, its got to come from some outlandish place. Like Mongolia or the USA, but it’s just Singapore. Personally, I could jump on a flight and go buy one in Colorado. See my stepgrandchildren and arrive home, even before they have put the order in. So the radiator still drips. Great.

Okay, deep breath... Good news. My marketing manager AKA – Rod is constructing a Shop on the website. Where if you really, really want to, you can buy my books. Image today. Leonardo. He may hate me for not taking him outside, but he understands. I hope.

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