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What to say and how to say it.

You have written the perfect prose. But, there is something missing. A line, a sentence, a phrase. Something which will give your written the push it needs.

You rack your brain. Walk up and down your office. Put the kettle on or brew a cup of coffee. Take to the pantry and raid the chocolate stash.

Nothing is making sense. You know what you want to say. Nothings coming.

Writers have these moments. I have these moments. What is the solution.

Wouldn’t it be great if there in front of you the answer appeared.

After finishing the second novel in the Contract Series of Jacques Barbosa and four books published in six months, it’s time to look after the thinking side of the equation.

A thesaurus. Not your average off the shelf or on line. But words or phrases you like. Phrases prompting massive pages.

That’s my goal. It was on my to do list. That day has arrived.

A plan. It may sound old fashioned, but I’m sure some of you remember the old rolodex. You listed telephone numbers and pushed the occasional business card into the slots.

I have tried to buy one, but to no avail.

Then at hands reach, in alphabetical order I have my plan. My phrases, my words of brilliance.

If you are one of those writers who publishes these amiable books, I thank you.

So onwards and upwards. Now where are my notebooks. Starting with A.

My favourite. ‘Ruse of disguise.’ Okay, I’ll start with R.

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