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On the merits of self-publishing

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Oh, joy. Two more books uploaded to Createspace. The process fascinates me. I am enthralled at how easy it is to publish a book. Not forgetting the pain of writing or the joy of editing. Or is that the other way around.

The Contract Series is easy to write. Find a location or two. Make a plan of action. A mud map of the action scenes and bingo. In they go. Jacques and Hendrik. Sorry Dutch to his friends. They will face the music together. Bring all the emotion of life compacted neatly into 550 pages.

The writer is exhausted. She downs her tools of trade and has a cup of tea or coffee. Or something stronger if the boys are not behaving.

And then we begin. I have found the process easier now than six months ago when we first uploaded Contract Bleu. Would it be Okay? Would the type be easy to read? Would the cover stand out?

Twenty-four hours later. It’s born. A proof read. You are hesitant at first. Taking that first step. But you know it will work. Then approve and launch.

My personal approach to publishing is one of pleasure. I love the technical aspect. From a few lines in the notebook to a several drafts and the final copy work completed.

I am tempted to read it through again. Tweaking and seeking. But no. I restrain myself or my marketing manager restrains me. Leave it he says. No more. Let it go. Let it stand on its own. For better or worse. It’s done.

The postman arrives with copies. You are thrilled, we hope. You have attempted and completed something people talk about doing, but don’t.

One day, I’ll write a book. Of my life, of my love, or of my garden.

But do they do it. Some yes, some no. Most no. The point here is, whether you succeed or not. It’s your accomplishment. You have made something beautiful. Yes, I love the publishing concept.

Long may if reign.

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