Marketing & Me.

I want to state, I could not at first get to grips with marketing. At 17, one of my first jobs was to sell Orange Juice for a small company in South Australia. Failed. I would rather give it away. My real estate career was the same. I’m just not a seller. Now I’m an Author, well that’s different.

Wake up girl, now is the time to get out there. Not shout out to sell your books. Go about selling the quiet way. My son said to me recently, Mum, people who know you feel obliged to buy your books. My work colleagues don’t. Possibly they don’t read. Or don’t like my genre. My friends may think the same.

However, as I go about marketing my work, the first thing I have discovered is when I get an opportunity to tell interested parties, Yes, I’m a writer then I will.

It’s a small start in a big game.

This week, I’m pouring over marketing books and have found to my amazement there are quite a few author’s out there who are introverts. Me I’m an extrovert. Does this help me? Who knows.

Self promotion is only part of the game. Joanna Penn’s, How to Market a book is a great read. So, I’m learning. Approaching this vast arena of knowledge and trying to apply it to my work. As a writer I have no problem. But as a marketer, Ah, now that is a different kettle of fish!


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