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Good Morning Readers,

Firstly, I’ll get this over and done with. I have the best Rehab. Facilitator in the world. Jaya, you’re a star. Tomorrow I meet with the Orthopaedic Surgeon for my shoulder injury. Now that’s going to be fun.

Using the old cliché, having said that. Let's get down to this week’s block.

I don’t know how many of you have Pinterest Boards or have even thought about using them. I love them. Some people don’t. For me as a writer, they are equal to using the ‘cork boards’ in the Scrivener writing Program. Except, I can add in a few images I’d not thought of from other Pinterest freaks.

I particularly like the before and after boards. Using the example of WW2 in Europe, these are carefully selected. I asked the facilitator of this board, had they any old photos of the village of Saint (St) Pois in Normandy. He hadn’t sighted any. But, that’s not to say none were taken. Mostly, by British and American Reporters who braved the worst of war to take images of people and places that were nearly wiped off the map.

For research purposes, yesterday I discovered a village, I had not driven through or any idea where it was. Bourbriac is a commune in the Côtes-d'Armor department of Brittany in north-western France, with a population of not many. Around the 2300 mark. To put this in perspective is a 38-minute drive from Saint Brieuc. This town I know well because my 2nd in the Vera Lawson Series is entitled – The Road to Saint Brieuc and features in the last book of Claire Lane’s Mystery Series, Behind the Lane.

That’s why I love Pinterest. If you can’t get there, look at the images. what would we do without the internet?

Image today from my Pinterest.

Centre du Place – Bourbriac, Brittany

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