Book covers and how to choose them

Finding the right cover for your book, be it fiction or non-fiction can be a daunting experience. This process is sometimes the most exicting. You have written the story. Tweeked it. Checked the spelling at least three times. Looked at every single word. It's ready. The cover will excite and invite your readers. Some more diligent die hards will buy the book for its cover and not for its content. We hope as authors both statements are true. There is no use selecting a bloodied knife on the ground, when your delicate ro

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mance novel features a well muscled stud reading the newspaper. Coversely, you can, if you wish do the opposite. Take that bloodied knife and stick it into the well muscled stud reading the newspaper. Now that's what I call, the Whoa factor. Audiences are thrilled by the unexpected. Enticed by titillating visual impact. Right. So let's be serious. Covers market your book. They market who you are. I saw a cover on Facebook this morning and all I could see was bland. The author obviously hasn't done their homework. Generally when I am looking for a good read, I look at the cover first. Does it enthrall me. Does it encite me. Or does it bore me. The third option means I won't go to the trouble of downloading the book. Am I wrong in thinking this way? No, I don't think so. The book sitting perfectly still on a store's bookshelf, will disappear into the realms of the backroom and never see the light of day. The old adage. Clothes maketh the man. Covers maketh the book.

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