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Good Evening Readers I am NOT looking forward to 41c tomorrow. The weather forecasters tell us it's only one day. Personally, I would rather be in the image below. Claire Lane is stuck behind enemy lines in my new thriller - Behind the Lane. She is on the train between Plounerin and Saint Brieuc. If this place sounds familiar, it's because my second Vera Lawson novel was entitled - The Road to Saint Brieuc. Yes, there is a connection between the two. So, tomorrow, while my household, including those two Bengals, are trying to stay cool inside, and the heat is beating the hell out of my roses, I'll be writing about one of my favourite places in Brittany. The image is of the historical railway station. Isn't it a beauty. Reminds me a little of the architecture of Flinders Street station in Melbourne. For us in the southern states of Australia - stay cool and for my readers in Europe and the US. Keep warm.

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