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Nevil Shute

Good Morning Readers, Sometimes, it's exciting to go back and read our favourite novels from well renowned Authors. I have in my library, a series of books written by Nevil Shute. Two were made into movies. You may have seen one or both. 'On the Beach, and A Town Like Alice.' I have finished 'Round the Bend,' again and find Shute's style of writing a bit old fashioned for today, but well phrased and his plots are timeless. His publishers wrote of him, when he died in 1960, he left two novels amongst his papers. They were the earliest completed works he had written and neither were published. The end result was 'Stephen Morris.' Mine is a first edition. Writing in the first person is always difficult. I wrote 'Melrose' in this vain and my Publisher found this to be one of my best works. enjoy.

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