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Do creative designers really listen.

Cossacks V American Indians.

Will someone please tell me why designers cannot take instruction? I prepared the brief, prepared the synopsis, even gave them key words. NO. Most have it all wrong.

Why? Because they don’t follow the brief. Either they think God or whoever else they pray too, put them on this earth to annoy potential clients.

Now, I have American Indians instead of Cossacks. You know, the type seen in the mountains of Kurdistan or Kyrgyzstan or one of the other stans. Or on the Russian Steppes.

There is my lone Indian waving his tomahawk at what? A tank, an aircraft, a guy wearing an American military fatigue outfit? Good grief!

All I wanted was a mercenary, a retired soldier, a security consultant. Maybe on a background of Mountains. Not runways with American aircraft. That’s not either Russian or French. That’s not the brief.

I would like to insert the definition of brief, according to my Oxford dictionary.

- instructions for a task. : inform or instruct in advance.

As a client these people are hurting my brain. As a author, I am insulted. If I wanted Indians I would have specified. If I wanted tanks, I would have specified.

Do creative designers think they know best? Obviously not.

Am I still convinced I am right.? Yes. The customer paying is always right.

Please follow the brief.

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