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White on Black, Getting it down.

White on Black-Getting it down.

The objective of writing correctly is to make time to write at all. Pause. Now what? Keep going, writing is much like riding a bike, if you fall off , then get back on and quickly. I’m an Indie Author, my faults are many. Reading too quickly, writing too quickly and editing too quickly. This amounts to all sorts of problems. Listing them would take weeks. For this exercise here goes:- When I read, on my brain’s plus side, I can distribute the text and scan the document. Not good. I’ll read a book in hours not days. With Kindle I can use the function - bookmark and go back to the parts that interested me the most. Writers have their own ways of completing tasks. Either straight onto the computer with popular writing programs, such as scrivener or Writer 7, or the slow way like me. I sit in my lounge room where it is quiet, use large A4 notebooks and start out writing down everything. Scribbling away to my heart’s content. Getting it down on paper. I attribute this to a horse race. Down the back straight and eventually across the line. Finish. Several chapters can be thrown onto paper and then transferred into my writing program. A good way? Not necessarily. The longway. Possibly. My problem is reading my writing. There we have it. The continuous circle of writing. Good for editing. If I can’t read my writing then out it goes. Down into the pile of ‘ missing chapters’. These become handy when re-reading the manuscript, only to find something is missing. There they are little darlings, sitting happily in the A4 book waiting to be included. Pause. The End.

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