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Contract Series
Contract Seris

Jacques Barbosa retired from the French Military, takes on more than he bargained for, recruited by British MI6 Boss Sir Braxton Jerret, Barbosa and his partner Hendrik’ Dutch’ Palese reunite to infiltrate into countries and undesirable situations where even Special Forces dare not go.

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Contract Bleu
Claire Lane Series

As a child prodigy and then a Professor of Mathematics at London’s prestigious St Anne's University, Claire Lanes’ speciality is the scientific study of probability. Inspector Ralph McGinniss from Scotland Yard returns from his ancestral seat at Daroonga Castle in Oxfordshire and calls upon Miss Lane’s expertise. Can they work together, or will they agree to disagree?

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MK Jacobs
Dead End Lane Cover.png
Kings Lane
Vera Lawson Series
MK Jacobs

Vera Lawson accepts an offer of employment with the aristocratic Wellmont family in London as a tutor. But she has an ulterior motive. Could her mother the scatterbrained Caroline Montieff have fled to Paris in search of her lost freedom? Gunther Polt, a Waffen SS Tank Commander, aristocratic, arrogant and wealthy with vast estates in Germany finds himself in an impossible position. Set from 1944 and beyond, a family saga spanning three generations.

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MK Jacobs
Roberto Zanchini Series

After a successful career with the Esercito Italiano Land Defence Force, Roberto Zanchini chooses the life of a mercenary. Experienced in all aspects his former employer's primary missions: raids on aeronautical compounds, forward air control, combat control, and combat search and rescue special helicopters units, Roberto accepts contracts from Interpol’s Intelligence Assessment Division.

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MK Jacobs

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