The End of the Lane

The End of the Lane

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Claire Perrigaux a clandestine SOE agent during WW2 operating from Saint Brieuc in Northern France,has a past life she doesn't like to talk about. In 1925, the world was a different place. As a child prodigy and then a Professor of Mathematics at London’s prestigious St Anne's University. Her speciality- scientific study of probability. In other words, the likelihood that an event will reoccur. With a exceptional mind, she assists her Parliamentarian father in his quest to become Prime Minister. Until a body is found in the drain at Darren’s fields. Claire knows who it is and she knows how to work scenarios.  Chief Police Inspector Ralph McGinniss is sent to down from London to investigate. McGinniss is smart. Promoted because of his exceptional skills. Can they work together ,and will the corpse turn out to be who she thinks it is, or Will the killer strike again?


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