Contract Rouge

Contract Rouge

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British Scientist. Robert Jameson is wanted by NATO. His crime, trading illegal weapons and toxic serums to Chinese insurgents. An Archaeological team have unearthed the remains of a Viennese silversmith near Lake IssyKul. An ancient Cossack tribesman knows too much, but will he assist Jacques Barbosa or try to eliminate the evidence.


Barbosa’s team has infiltrated into Kazakhstan and ordered to proceed by their own vehicles to a point in Kyrgyzstan. Will he have enough time to retract Jameson and return to the deployment point by the 30th of the month.


As events unfold, Barbosa realises he has another problem. Isabelle Perrigaux, his partners girlfriend. Operating in insurgent country the team encounter another dangerous liaison. Friend or foe. The Chinese border patrols. Now Jacques Barbosa must use his utmost discretion in this mission and to avoid at all costs, any act of terrorism that could constitute an act of war between NATO and its allies.

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